Letter from the partners
Dear Clients, Business Partners and Friends:

Today’s world is one of new economic and business relationships, which require rules over our behaviour to ensure it is ethical, thereby guaranteeing the levels of excellence that have always marked us out.

Specifying and undertaking to comply with a Code of Ethics detailing the core principles of a job well done merely reaffirms the approach we have always taken to our day-to-day work. Nevertheless, it has in recent years become customary to set this down in written form, and so we at BDabogados needed to create such a document.

So it is that we are proud to present out Code of Ethics, which reflects our principles and our commitment to our clients, business partners and fellow professionals, in any circumstances, negotiations or disputes.

In the performance of our professional duties, we have always respected the ethical principles of the legal profession. Nevertheless, these days, good governance and best practices require us to go a step further.

This Code of Ethics is that step further.

Ana Bonilla – Cristina Burguera – Gonzalo Gomis – Juan Núñez

civil_e_inmobiliarios_logoBDabogados: our mission and values

One of BDabogados’ core values is to provide our clients with added value, leveraging our knowledge of and experience in the specialist fields in which we provide advice.

BDabogados has grown only in those fields which it knows it masters, whilst at the same time preserving our signature characteristic of being “general practitioner” advisors, allowing us to retain, at all times, a global vision of our clients’ needs and ensuring that our actions in a given case provide a harmonious fit with their general structure, never promising outcomes that cannot be guaranteed, working diligently and marshalling those resources actually required by the issue at hand.

We provide honest value for money due to our good internal organisation. One of our cornerstones is, then, working hard and effectively, both in general and on each individual case, and to just the right extent.

We provide integrated, comprehensive advice at both national and international levels thanks to our extensive network of partner practices. When working with our outside partners, we always remain in close contact with the client, who always receives personalized attention.

To this end, we use the very best experts in those fields we feel need to be dealt with by outside specialists. So, our mission is to work for our clients from a multidisciplinary standpoint, providing an ever-more comprehensive and specialised service, ensuring that we offer unmatched quality in everything we do and, at all times, compliance with applicable law, in accordance with the legal profession’s ethical standards and guaranteeing that there are no conflicts of interest.

Based upon the foundations of this core objective, we share the following values:


By means of this Code of Ethics, we at BDabogados place on record our wish and undertaking to do things right. It is designed to be a tool of great value in helping us to take the very best decisions for the firm and for its clients.

Thus it is that our Code of Ethics constitutes both the foundations upon which to build our corporate culture and an effective corporate compliance tool for this culture, which is the responsibility of each and every one of the members of the BDabogados team.

To this end, the object of this Code of Ethics is to establish the general criteria for conduct in the carrying on of our professional activities.

More specifically, all members of the BDabogados shall act in accordance with the following guidelines:


This Code’ of Ethics sets out compulsory rules to be followed by all members of the BDabogados team. Specifically, it applies to the following people:

All BDabogados team members are made aware of the existence of this Code of Ethics, whose contents are open to public consultation. BDabogados ensures that each and every member of the firm reads and understands said contents.

This Code of Ethics encompasses all of the ordinary activities of every member of the BDabogados team, as well as every action carried out during or outside of working hours on behalf of BDabogados or that may impact its professional reputation or image.

BD_Abogados-arbitraje_y_mediacionOur undertakings

Commitment to lawfulness

BDabogados always carries on its business and professional activities in strict compliance with applicable law.

BDabogados promotes recognition and assessment of behaviour in accordance with the principles established in this Code.

The lawyers at BDabogados have a detailed understanding of the legislation that affects their particular fields of activity.


BDabogados partners undertake to provide all means necessary to disseminate, promote and encourage the values established in this Code.

The partners at BDabogados provide an example of behaviour and set rigorous levels of compliance with this Code and other applicable ethical and legal standards.

Our commitments to our practice’s professionals

Respectful treatment and zero tolerance for discrimination

We BDabogados work to create a positive work environment in which everyone is treated with impartiality, respect and dignity. To this end, we have implemented a management approach that fosters communication, initiative and teamwork.

BDabogados undertakes to ensure that its work environment is free of discrimination or any form of harassment.

Each and every member of our team is treated fairly and with respect.

Here at BDabogados, we do not tolerate any kind of abusive, hostile or offensive behaviour, either verbal or physical.

Equality of opportunity

BDabogados undertakes to establish an effective equal opportunities policy so that all its workers may carry on their professional activities based on the principle of merit. Recruitment and promotion decisions are always based on objective assessments. What’s more, BDabogados is committed to a policy of investment in learning and professional training for its employees.

All promotions are based on the principles of merit and ability defined in the associated job requirements, thereby ensuring equality of opportunity and the fostering of a merit-based culture.

Safety and health at work

BDabogados is committed to fostering a safe, stable work environment at our firm. To this end, it ensures that all who work there are properly informed on the prevention of occupational risks.

The work/life balance

BDabogados shall encourage a balance between the professional and personal lives of its workers, as it recognises the benefits such a balance affords both them personally and the firm as a whole.

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest arise when one’s own personal interests clash, directly or indirectly, with those of BDabogados, or the interests of BDabogados clash with those of its clients.

All of us forming part of the BDabogados team need to prevent and avoid any situation that may entail a conflict of interest between our personal affairs and those of BDabogados, and refrain from representing the firm or taking part in or influencing decisions in which, directly or indirectly, we ourselves or a third party associated with us though any significant financial, family or professional ties, may have a personal interest.

Firm professionals finding themselves in any conflict of interest must immediately provide notice of the fact. What’s more, they must also provide notice if they carry on, personally or via a third party, professional activities also carried on by BDabogados, whether as shareholders in a company, a worker or advisor and be this on a free-of-charge or remunerated basis.

Similarly, all of us at BDabogados must avoid situations that may give rise to conflicts of situations between BDabogados and its clients, such that clients’ interests always remain paramount: no form of remuneration or compensation other than the professional fees arising from work for our clients is permitted, where there might be any clash of interests.

Gifts and entertainment

All of us at BDabogados need to be aware that the accepting or giving of gifts may create a sense of reciprocal obligation. That is why no gifts or hospitalities shall be accepted that go beyond the scope of modest social niceties or thanks following the provision of legal services.

Undertakings with third parties

With the public administrations

In its relations with the public administrations, BDabogados shall faithfully comply with the provisions of applicable law.

By virtue of this Code of Ethics, BDabogados places on record its complete rejection of any practice associated with public sector corruption in its relations with the different public administrations.

With our suppliers and service providers

Our interactions with our suppliers and providers are always based on the principles of loyalty, transparency and mutual partnership.

We also expect our suppliers to comply with all legal requirements governing their business activities. To this end, we shall implement our “Get to know your client” procedure to ensure that third parties respect our compliance policies and applicable law.

Should any of our providers or suppliers act in any way contrary to this Code of Ethics, BDabogados shall be entitled to adopt all relevant measures and even cease working with them in the future.

No member of the BDabogados team may directly or indirectly offer or authorise the offering of any item of value to any supplier or provider in order to secure an unfair advantage.

All procurement decisions involving a new supplier or provider must be technically and financially justified and cannot entail any favouritism of any kind. Quality, price, ethics, integrity, compliance and experience are the only selection criteria applicable to such relationships. Frequently-used suppliers are subject to regular and periodic performance reviews.

Anyone representing BDabogados in its relations with any of our suppliers or providers must comply with the law and with this Code of Ethics.

With our clients and the market

BDabogados also undertakes to comply with anti-trust and competition regulations, and to carry on its activities honestly and ethically.

BDabogados and its professional shall ensure the provision of truthful information on the services offered by the firm, without permitting the provision of false or misleading information to its clients.

Commitment to the environment

We at BDabogados are keenly aware of the importance of respecting the environment in our professional activities. In this regard, BDabogados shall always respect applicable environmental legislation, adopting appropriate measures to minimise waste and optimise the resources available to the firm.

Undertakings with regard to the activities of BDabogados

En BDabogados somos conscientes de la importancia del respeto al medio ambiente en las actividades empresariales. En este sentido, en BDabogados se respetará siempre la legislación aplicable en materia medioambiental, adoptando las medidas adecuadas para la minimización de residuos y la optimización de los recursos de los que disponga el despacho.

Compromisos en relación con la actividad de BDabogados


BDabogados is committed to ensuring the quality of its services and the satisfaction of its clients. To this end, its business and professional activities are guided by the following principles:

Reserva de la información confidencial

Non-disclosure of confidential information

BDabogados always protects information on its clients and suppliers.

All members of BDabogados staff guarantee the confidentiality of any privileged and/or sensitive information they may access. Furthermore, it is kept in such a way as to prevent its improper use for personal or third-party gain. This duty confidentiality is also guaranteed with respect to family members and friends.

BDabogados respects information on and from clients, suppliers and business partners, which is governed by the principles of confidentiality and privacy. We guarantee complete protection for confidential information and that it will be used appropriately, whether it be supplied directly to BDabogados or accessed by us in the course of our duties. Accordingly, both information on BDabogados itself and that on third-parties which it has accessed shall be treated as confidential.

BDabogados professionals who, to properly provide their services, need to make use of the firm’s or third-party digital certificates shall limit their use to that stipulated in the internal regulations on the matter, and must de-install them as soon as there is no longer a need for the specific digital certificate in question, pursuant to the provisions of said regulations.

Use of BDabogados resources

BDabogados provides its staff with all the resources they need to carry on their professional activities. In this regard, all members of the BDabogados team are aware of the need to take care of and protect the firm’s resources, as well as to use them properly. This means that all BDabogados professionals undertake to make rational use of them.

Treatment of information and knowledge

BDabogados holds the truthfulness of information to be a core guiding principle of all its actions. More particularly, all BDabogados’ financial transactions are accounted for clearly and accurately in the appropriate records, as are all other operations and expenses incurred.

Furthermore, all our economic and financial information provides a true and fair view of the firm’s economic, financial and net asset situation, in accordance with accounting principles and international standards on financial information.

Money laundering

BDabogados warrants that it shall fully respect money laundering regulations in the performance of its activities.

So as to prevent any unlawful behaviour, BDabogados may require certain information before establishing a business relationship. Additionally, it shall issue the necessary documentation to this effect when so required by others. Similarly, any activity that may be interpreted as money laundering or terrorism financing, such as accepting funds of unknown origin, is strictly prohibited.


BDabogados is committed to strict compliance with applicable anti-corruption provisions.

BDabogados has a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and bribery and, in general, against any kind of unlawful practice in the carrying on of its professional and business activities.

In general, no member of the BDabogados team may offer, authorise or hand over any gift or other remunerations, nor the offer or promise of obtaining it, nor comply with any request for gifts or remunerations made by those with whom they have do business, be this in their professional or private lives.

The Internal Communication and Complaint Channel

The BDabogados Internal Communication and Complaint Channel shall be used to provide notice of the existence of any possible violation of the provisions of this Code of Ethics.

Barcelona, September 2022



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