A good contract will prevent many disputes and help ensure your operations are efficient


Mercantile law covers relations between undertakings and the issues inherent in their business, which are not subject to consumer protection regulations. This is why relations between parties require greater scrutiny and good advice. Any good agreement to avoid conflict must be based on a good contract.

  • agency, distribution and franchise
  • commercial transactions, exclusivity
  • licences, knowhow and intellectual property
  • joint ventures between companies
  • business management, outsourcing

Company law covers a requirement arising from the majority of business operations. The decision to incorporate a company, create an Economic Interest Grouping or start a cooperative arises from the wish of businesspersons to associate in an undertaking. These business undertakings, which are different from the individual businessperson, must be given the right structure and legal organisation to ensure proper management and compliance with their respective obligations.

  • company acquisition agreements
  • incorporation, transformation, winding up and liquidation
  • mergers and splits
  • associations, foundations, cooperatives
  • business clusters, economic interest groupings
  • advice and acting as secretary to Board and Shareholders’ General Meetings
  • disputes between shareholders and challenging of resolutions
  • pre-insolvency mediation

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