Judicial Procedures

We prepare cases side by side with the client


We deal with all kinds of bodies: international and European courts and Spain’s Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, High Courts, Provincial Courts, Economic-Administrative Courts, and Courts of the First Instance and Investigating Courts.

Performance in:

  • Inheritance procedures: relatives’ appeals, bequests, trustees, challenges to valuations, calculation of inheritance estates, annulments of wills
  • Filiations. Adoptions. Disabilities.
  • Civil and commercial contracting disputes: claims for payment, compliance with and breach of contract, contractual indemnity, etc.
  • Property disputes: purchase and sale, leases (1964 and 1994 Urban Lettings Acts, the Boyer Decree), commonholds, building defects, etc.
  • Personal and professional liability: claims for medical negligence, from other professionals, financial claims against the authorities; compensation for traffic, workplace, household, etc. accidents
  • Insurance: compliance with benefits contained in policies
  • Consumer and user rights
  • Conflicts stemming from agency, distribution, franchise, etc. agreements
  • Unfair competition. Competition protection cases
  • Banking and finance law: preference share claims, subordinated debentures, swaps, etc.
  • Company disputes: claims between shareholders, director and senior management liability, challenges to company resolutions, etc.
  • Business insolvencies, insolvency procedures, acknowledgement and recovery of credits in insolvency
  • Intellectual property, defective products, new technologies, etc.
  • Mortgage, exchange, and special proceedings
  • Exequaturs and European and international claim procedures.

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