Arbitration and Mediation

There is no better agreement than one controlled or reached by the parties in dispute


Arbitration is a great solution to the torpor of the justice system. When what matters is securing a speedy resolution (something increasingly important in day-to-day business), agreement by the parties –be this in advance of or on the appearance of the dispute– to submit disputes to arbitration brings with it the benefits of speed and specialist knowledge. The increasing expense of the justice system makes costs considerably more comparable.

Mediation is becoming increasingly important in all spheres (not just in that of the family), providing an advanced, mature way for parties to find for themselves the best way to settle their differences. Future relations between the opposing parties benefit particularly from this process, which the mediator manages from a neutral standpoint.

Medi-arb”: Our experience and skills in the above two fields allow us to offer a highly appealing “third way”, in which mediation between the parties is carried out against the backdrop of a sealed envelope containing the award (arbiter’s ruling) made by the mediator, in his role as arbiter: if the mediation is not successfully concluded, then the award will be binding.

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