International conference in Lyon on posted workers.

25 November, 2018

Last Friday, a conference organized by the AEA-EAL on posted workers took place in Lyon, with the participation of specialist lawyers, businessmen, members of public administrations, employers and trade unions, and judges of the CJEU.

The conference put on the table the debate on the so-called ‘social dumping’, through the use of labor at a lower cost, from countries where it is cheaper.

But the most noteworthy was the unanimous complaint about the difficulties in transferring people or specialized teams within the EU, even between companies of the same group, due to the bureaucratic network that this entails, which calls into question a real freedom of movement of workers and services.


The table shows the flow of workers received and sent. The countries that receive the most foreign workers are France and Germany; the country that sends the most workers is Poland (23%).
Juan Núñez, member of the Board of Directors of the AEA-EAL, participated in the conference.

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Juan Núñez – Lawyer

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