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  • Businesses-and-covid-19

    Businesses and covid-19

    14 April, 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected business activities across practically the entire world, in a way that is directly proportional to these activities, with a greater impact upon closely-packed communities accustomed to greater interaction. Most countries’ governments have restricted—or completely halted—non-essential activities for a while. As…

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  • brexi-1

    Guide to get ready for Brexit

    23 September, 2019

    On 5 September this year, the European Commission published a checklist to provide assistance for European businesses trading with the United Kingdom in the case of a “no-deal” Brexit scenario. It encourages companies to take measures to keep cross-border trade disruption to a minimum and…

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  • alquiler-de-vivienda

    The limitation of the rental price on housing

    28 May, 2019

    As we told in previous posts related to the last reform of the Law for Urban Rents, in its Second Additional Provision, in relation to the rental price index, it was stated that the Autonomous Communities could define their own reference index in a specific…

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  • normas-blanqueo-de-capitales

    The new rules of prevention of money laundering: a challenge for professionals

    6 May, 2019

    At the time of undertaking these lines, I am organizing a conference within the scope of the Trade Association of Small and Medium Law Firms of Catalonia (PIMED) ( on the new obligations to prevent money laundering capitals imposed on professionals, which will be taught…

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