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  • La-limitación-del-precio-del-alquiler-de-vivienda

    Limiting the price of housing rent

    23 September, 2020

    On Monday 21st September, the Law 11/2020 of 18 September on urgent measures to contain prices in housing leases was published in the DOGC (Official Gazette of the Catalan Government). The Catalan Government already approved in the past the Decree Law 9/2019 of 21st May,…

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  • Compliance-en-tiempos-de-Covid

    Compliance in Covid’s time

    21 July, 2020

    Without a doubt, the experience of a pandemic such as the coronavirus has disrupted our society at all levels, testing us all, generating as many crises as opportunities; although it is proving difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we must…

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  • ertes

    The new normality with enlargement of the ERTE employment files.

    30 June, 2020

    Last Saturday, the Royal Decree-Law 24/2020, on social measures for the reactivation of employment and protection of self-employment and competitiveness of the industrial sector, was approved, which was the result of a complicated pact with the relevant social factors for the extension of the ERTE…

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  • credito-para-empresas

    What about ICO loans?

    3 June, 2020

    Royal Decree Law 8/2020 of 17th March approved a State Guarantee Line of up to 100 billion euros to facilitate the maintenance of employment and alleviate the economic effects of the health crisis. Thus, in accordance with the established mechanism, the State guarantees with this…

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