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  • Acaba-el-Compliance-con-un-MPD

    Does Compliance end with a CCS?

    4 May, 2021

    The incorporation of Criminal Compliance System in companies is a practice that is becoming more widespread, both because of the consequences of not doing so and because of the extension of the ethical culture in business activity. On the one hand, the consequences focus on…

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  • El-fin-de-La-Verja

    The end of ‘La Verja’

    4 January, 2021

    Not everything has gone wrong in 2020; at least in the end, in extremis, what Schengen did not achieve for Gibraltar has been achieved by the Brexit. A border that is disconcerting because of its social involvement, which was totally closed from 1969 to 1982,…

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  • La-limitación-del-precio-del-alquiler-de-vivienda

    Limiting the price of housing rent

    23 September, 2020

    On Monday 21st September, the Law 11/2020 of 18 September on urgent measures to contain prices in housing leases was published in the DOGC (Official Gazette of the Catalan Government). The Catalan Government already approved in the past the Decree Law 9/2019 of 21st May,…

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  • Compliance-en-tiempos-de-Covid

    Compliance in Covid’s time

    21 July, 2020

    Without a doubt, the experience of a pandemic such as the coronavirus has disrupted our society at all levels, testing us all, generating as many crises as opportunities; although it is proving difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we must…

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Hemos tenido conocimiento de que circulan cartas en las que se suplanta la persona de nuestra socia Ana Bonilla Triguero, informando de una supuesta herencia millonaria. Cuando se entra en contacto por los teléfonos y las direcciones de correo indicadas, se contacta con personas que nada tiene que ver con nosotros y que solicitan provisiones de fondos y pagos para gestionar la supuesta herencia.

Cualquier teléfono que no sea el 932922266 o dirección de correo que no sea del dominio ‘’ no conecta con nosotros y es, por tanto, un intento de estafa.

Lamentamos mucho las consecuencias que puedan derivarse de estas actuaciones, que son totalmente ajenas a nosotros y que hemos denunciado a la policía.


It has come to our attention that letters are circulating in which the person of our partner Ana Bonilla Triguero is being impersonated, informing of a supposed inheritance of millions of dollars or Euro. When contact is made via the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses indicated, contact is made with people who have nothing to do with us and who request the provision of funds and payments to manage the supposed inheritance.

Any telephone number other than 932922266 or email address that does not belong to the domain '' do not connect with us and is, therefore, an attempt to defraud.

We are very sorry for any consequences that may arise from these actions, which are totally beyond our control and which we have reported to the police.


Wir sind darauf aufmerksam geworden, dass Briefe im Umlauf sind, in denen sich die Person unserer Partnerin Ana Bonilla Triguero ausgibt und über eine angebliche Erbschaft in Millionenhöhe informiert. Bei der Kontaktaufnahme über die angegebenen Telefonnummern und E-Mail-Adressen handelt es sich um Personen, die nichts mit uns zu tun haben und die um die Bereitstellung von Geldern und Zahlungen zur Verwaltung des angeblichen Erbes bitten.

Jede andere Telefonnummer als 932922266 oder E-Mail-Adresse, die nicht zur Domäne "" gehört, stellt keine Verbindung zu uns her und ist daher ein Betrugsversuch.

Wir bedauern die Konsequenzen, die sich aus diesen Handlungen ergeben, die sich unserer Kontrolle entziehen und die wir der Polizei gemeldet haben.


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