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  • Plusvalia-Municipal-Actualidad

    The Spanish municipal added value tax discussion

    3 April, 2018

    Due to the economic crisis, there have been numerous transfers of real estate that have generated losses in recent years. However, the City Councils have continued to require the payment of the tax on the increase of the value of the land (in Spanish the…

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  • Internacionalizacion-empresas

    The true internationalization of companies

    12 March, 2018

    In all Chambers of Commerce, as well as in other business associations, conferences and meetings are regularly prepared to help companies to internationalize. This help usually consists of providing companies with tools and elements to obtain contacts in possible foreign markets: trips are organized, foreign…

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  • Información Legal sobre Alquileres Turísticos

    New requirement to inform about rentals of touristic housing.

    12 February, 2018

    On December 29, the General Regulation of Tax Administration and Inspection Proceedings and Procedures was modified, adding an article 54 ter, which obliges entities that intermediate between owners and users of tourist housing to informative about assignments of use of housing. The rule considers an…

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  • Un juez consulta al TJUE sobre la transparencia del Índice Hipotecario.

    A judge consults the CJEU on the transparency of the Mortgage IRPH Index.

    5 February, 2018

    In my last post, I commented the Judgment of the Spanish Supreme Court of December 14, 2017 regarding the IRPH reference index for mortgage loans. In this resolution, the Supreme Court understood that the said index did not have to be submitted to transparency control….

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